Spotlight Program

The Spotlight program is for dancers aged 7-17 who want to experience technical training with performance opportunities.

Dancers in this program put a ‘Spotlight’ on a genre and select from Acro, Hip-hop, Jazz, Tap, ad Ballet depending on their age and experience. This program encourages discipline, hard work, creativity and fun. This program also includes classes in complimentary styles within a 2 day training week. Spotlight Program dancers are afforded the opportunities to perform in various performances and competitions throughout the community including our year-end show of Dance Vancouver.

Spotlight in ACTION

Placement Classes
Our placement classes are specifically designed for dancers of all ages and ability levels.

Each year new dancers are given the chance to audition for our Spotlight Programs. The placement process is simple and fun! Come take class with our fabulous students and talented faculty in a real day at The Landing Dance Centre.